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15 January
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I don't know exactly what there is to say about me really. Lately I have been a little fustrated and forlon. Things and people that didn't bother me before can irritate the hell out of me now. I am not sure why this is happening but I figure that I need a venting mechanisms besides my friends.

So I guess I should put a little bit about me. Well I am a recent University of Guelph graduate who got his degree in Computing and Information Science and History. I am currently living and working in Waterloo, Ontario. I work for the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo. The history part is just a second love of mine.

As for other thing I am an avid roleplayer...Yes I am one of those geeks who pertends to be be someone he's not. You see if I wasn't a geek they would call me an actor and probably pay me large sums of money.